“3… 2… 1… Liftoff!”

Rocket1I do not know if there is a more productive way to come up with creative ideas. At least for me, the whole process was like making wine – all I could do was to have all the ingredients in mind and just wait.

I scrutinized every object in my life and saved it to my brain, hoping these items would eventually collide and generate enough energy for my light bulb of creativity. I planned a period to think and set a deadline for myself. I lay on my bed, sat on the sofa, or walked around the room, but nothing came to me. I also tried to find similar works by others to facilitate my brainstorming but soon gave up this practice. Amazed but also frustrated by others’ creativity, I started to question myself if I have the talent to complete this assignment. In the end, I said to myself, “Well, I cannot spend all my time on this.” and switched my focus to other works.

I was listening to some R&B beats on Youtube when the idea came out of the blue. There was no pencil nor batteries in front of me, and I was not expecting it at all. But it happened, not too late or too soon, just right before the due.


Assignment Link: https://eng181f19.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-2-sunday-sketches/

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