Vase? Rose? Vase Rose?

Vase RoseThis is an easy assignment in the way that there are so many things you can combine together. On the other hand, this is not easy at all since most of the obvious ideas have been exploited by others. There was no methodology I employed to come up with this idea. I just sat in front of my desk, served myself with some yogurt, and let my thought flow. I had thought about the window, earphone, ceiling fan, and dragonfly before a pink rose came into my mind – there was absolutely no connection between them. The closest thing to a rose was probably the strawberry in my yogurt. And then I thought, “A rose. A rose in a vase. What about a vase in a rose?”

I had some experience with Photoshop so did not encounter many troubles to realize my idea. Although the modification was not just cropping and putting them together, the backgrounds of the original photos were simple, making it convenient for me to edit.

In the hindsight, it is counter-intuition that makes this photo interesting, as my intuition led me to the vase when I saw the rose. The way that my brain usually works helps me eliminate “abnormal” and thus “useless” information, in which creative and interesting ideas may hide.


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Sketch 4: Combophoto

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