Less Is More

My Bag

When I took things out of my bag, I was surprised by how under-utilized my backpack was. For all the classes, extra-curriculum, and daily life, a laptop, a tablet with an electronic pencil, a loose-leaf binder, stationery, a wallet, and a set of keys are enough. From this photograph, my self-portrait is a tech-savvy and open-minded person, embracing new technology and innovations. Getting rid of piles of books and paper, students from my generation that grow up with electronic devices tend to embrace the disruptive technological changes in our daily life. All my textbooks are stored in my laptop as pdf, and other reading materials are available through the online library. I take notes on my iPad, and the traditional loose-leaf binder is merely used to collect handouts and other hard copies. The wallet carries a little cash that serves only as emergency use. Credit cards still prevail, but online payments like Venmo and Apple Pay are changing the game. Overall, this image is very representative of me, as my budget is the only thing that will prevent me from upgrading the technology in my life. 

I believe that this kind of representation can be counted as a type of writing. First of all, like an author, I can choose what to be included in the photo. I have the power to lead my audience’s thoughts since they will not have information from other sources. Through adding and omitting information, it is feasible to create the representation that I want, just like shaping a character the way I like in writing. Nevertheless, the audience of this photograph will have their own interpretations of the items’ purposes. They cannot help but use their own experience with the specific item, like the laptop, to analyze the author’s use of that item. This kind of engagement is also similar to that of reading a text.

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