Enjoy if You Try

Annotation 2019-12-14 011425

For any first-year writing course, critical thinking and reading is always the major element, the noodles in this Japanese ramen. It is the broth, the soul of ramen, that differentiates variations of ramen the most, just like the extensive use of visual thinking that makes this section of first-year writing special. Sliced meat is the most crucial topping. The protein and the broth reinforce each other’s taste, similar to what visual thinking and the writing process do. Other toppings, including the half egg, scallions, Nori, and Kamaboko, represent the skills and learning goals of the class in addition to those mentioned. They are great complements for students to succeed in this course.

Here is the delicious ramen. To have it, however, one will need the willingness to try, the chopsticks, to get the most from these interesting course content and assignments. I eventually found myself enjoying this course mainly because David had been preparing me both technically and mentally for unfamiliar tasks, giving me the tools to enjoy my ramen.


Assignment Link: https://eng181f19.davidmorgen.org/assignments/sketches/sketch-12-assemblies/

Image: http://getdrawings.com/ramen-vector

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